Tesla Fires Employee Caught Attempting to Sabotage and Plant Ransomware: Charges Will be Filed

Tesla has recently reportedly caught an employee actually engaging in certain “malicious sabotage” over at its own Fremont factory, this was according to an email that was circulating internally amongst employees. Tesla’s vice president of both legal and also acting general counsel Al Prescott recently wrote in a particular email to the Fremont factory employees that was obtained by Bloomberg.

The email’s report

The email stated that two weeks prior, both the IT and InfoSec teams have determined that a particular employee had actually maliciously sabotaged a segment of the Factory but their fast actions then prevented even further damage and the production segment was then running smoothly once again just after a few hours.

The form in which the sabotage attempt looked like but it was stated that the caught employee was then terminated. In a Bloomberg report, the unnamed employee allegedly sought to actually cover up his tracks and even blame his own co-workers after destroying a certain company computer. The email stated that after the whole irrefutable evidence was shown, the employee then confessed to the sabotage and was terminated.

Tesla’s vice president’s take on this matter

Al Prescott then added in his email to the Tesla employees stating that they do place a huge amount of trust in their own employees and that the company values everybody’s contribution. However, the recent actions despite the personal motivations, are still considered as crimes and a violation of Tesla’s code of conduct and also unfair to their employees.

Tesla worked with the FBI earlier this year to prevent a $31 million ransomware attack towards the Gigafactory in Nevada. In that case, the Tesla employee was definitely actually essential in the whole prevention process of the sabotage taking place. In this case, there was a certain Tesla employee that really was essential in actually preventing the whole sabotage taking place.

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Electrek’s view about the matter

Electrek’s take on this matter points towards this actually being a ransomware attempt at the company in order to blackmail them into paying the hacker millions of dollars. Thankfully for Tesla, the attempt was unsuccessful and they were able to catch the employee and reprimand him even before more damage could happen to him.

Tesla does not really have a history of being attacked due to its really advanced IT systems and the fact that Tesla in general is a technologically innovative company that focuses on bringing technology’s capacities to the next level. Tesla’s initial defense is already quite strong enough to fend off attackers and potential ransomware threats.

The previous attempt earlier this year was the closest that hackers were able to get in order to sabotage Tesla. Aside from this, there has been a really clean record for Tesla.


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