Apple ‘Hi, Speed’ Event: iPhone 12 Will Not Be Alone—Here’s What to Expect on October 13; HomePods, AirTags, and MORE!

The world’s most valuable technology company, Apple, is gearing up for its ‘Hi, Speed’ event on October 13, primarily introducing the world with the latest iteration of the flagship smartphone, the iPhone 12. However, Apple does not limit itself to only the iPhone as Twitter fans speculate that several new products, like the HomePods, AirTags, and others, will join the event and launch next week.Apple(Photo : Apple via Twitter (@Apple))

Apple recently revealed its plans for the iPhone 12, a week before the actual event, through an event announcement and invitation. The tech giant did not announce the latest iPhone per se, but people expect and speculate on it. The public believes that the ‘next big thing’ for this event will be the iPhone 12.

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Apple’s Virtual Launch Events

In total, Apple had two virtual events already for 2020. Last summer, it began with the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC), which gave the public the iPhone SE 2020, or the second generation of the ‘Special Edition’ smartphone.

The latest virtual event was the ‘Time Flies’ Fall Event last September 15, which introduced the new iPad Air, iPad, and Apple Subscription Services. Apple is relentless in providing the world what it wants. Launch after launch is apparent with the tech giant, as the new one entitled, ‘Hi, Speed,’ will happen on October 13.

This will focus on the iPhone 12, the company’s flagship smartphone. The public was speculating on the latest iPhone since the start of 2020, and Apple was completely secretive about it.

Despite the hype and excitement surrounding the iPhone 12, Apple seems to have a few secret drops up its sleeves. As the world fixates on the new smartphone, the Cupertino tech company may drop a few more ‘mini bombs’ along with the phone.

Apple, Should We Expect More Tech on October 13?

Apple is just getting started with the hype of the iPhone 12. As the company practices its secret-keeping skills, they could conceal a secret as big as the new smartphone. Despite the public’s continuous picking and sleuthing, Apple was able to keep it under wraps.

The most valuable company in the world is known to keep some elements of its release under guises. Logos may look plain, but each has different meanings. The ‘Hi, Speed’ invitation poster logo is now looked into by Apple fanboys to be the other tech that will join the virtual launch.

In the image, people speculate that Apple will include:

  • Apple AirTags
  • Apple HomePod Mini
  • Apple AirPods Studio

These were all speculated from the logo released by Apple. According to Apple Terminal, a total of seven devices will be released by the company. Four of these are the variants of the iPhone 12, and the others, all Apple accessories.

The Apple AirTags, also known as the detachable positioning system, is one of Apple’s most anticipated devices, which missed the two initial launches. This device can be attached to anything, benefiting those who are forgetful or often misplaces their things.

The other release is the HomePod Mini, the smaller version of the Cupertino giant’s breakthrough home speaker system. This device is like its competitors, controlling the home through artificial intelligence voice, Siri, and plays sounds.

Lastly, the rumored ‘AirPods Studio‘ will be Apple’s take on the headphones using Apple’s musically-inclined technology platform. From the famous wireless line, AirPods, Apple now creates a ‘studio version’ that will benefit those using it for recording and top-notch music listening.


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